Finding a safe and comfortable daycare for your pooch can be challenging if your pet has little or no training. Obedience Please Dog Training is among the top dog daycare Pasadena services in California that offer 24hr sterling canine supervision, care, and training.

Which Pets Do Qualify for Dog Daycare Pasadena Service?
Ideally, eight-week-old pups and full-grown rovers can receive daycare services at our Obedience Please Dog Training facility. Our dog daycare, Pasadena service, provides private suites at an extra cost for puppies with special needs and those not spayed and neutered.

Registration Requirements
Evidence for the following is a requirement before you check in with your best friend. You do well to ensure all vaccination dates are accurate for each vaccine.

  • Rabies and DHLPP vaccine: Dogs receive vaccination every 1-3 years.
  • Bordetella Vaccine: Once every six months

What We Do
Our professional dog daycare Pasadena pet counselors, provide the following services in a cage-free environment:

  • Exercise: Your dog will have an enjoyable experience on our pet treadmills. Exercising helps your dog to be more responsive to trick training. Physical fitness also quickens the healing process for injured dogs.
  • Socialization: Puppy socialization enables puppies to adapt to different sights, smells, and sounds in many constructive ways. Mingling helps your dog become a more calm and more loving friend.
  • Pet play: We ensure your dog is happy and comfortable by providing a safe and spacious environment for play.
  • Long walks: Besides the health benefits, taking your dog for a hike for 30 minutes regularly can boost your canine’s mental stimulation and alleviate anxiety.
  • Bath: Bathing your dog naturally removes dirt, and bad smell, reduces shedding and helps soften your puppy’s coat.

Why leave your best friend locked up in your home when you can call a leading dog daycare Pasadena expert to help care for and love your pet? A happy dog makes a happy pet owner, which is why at Obedience Please Dog Training, we ensure that you always check out a happy pet.