As I continue my long career as a dog trainer, I find that most of my clients love their dogs. It usually is the same, if it’s an eight-week young puppy that you purchased for a thousand dollars, or a rescue that you donated a hundred to save it, or if you found it running through the street. For most, you look into those eyes, your heart melts, and your hooked. Then a responsible parent, (dog owner), should decide on the next actions to provide on what they will need to do to help provide the best life for their new addition.

  • Decide on a veterinarian. You want to be sure your new addition is healthy and stays healthy.
  • Provide for its daily needs. Bowls, food, leash and collar, dog bed etc.
  • Chose a dog trainer. “Wait why do I need a dog trainer? He seems to be a nice dog. He’s just a baby.”
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A Brief Love Story

In my long years training new puppies in their new homes, I always suggest a home visit before the puppy comes home. I give the the new parents advise on how to set up their house, and to avoid the mistakes that most new dog owners make. The love affair that starts as soon as you hold that sweet, vulnerable, innocent, baby, all too often is short when it cries all night. Or bites your hand. Or chews your carpet. A little guidance from a professional can help avoid problems like these, and make the love story a lasting one.