Getting a new pet is always exciting. When you get a dog, you are getting more than just a pet. He will be your companion and friend for years to come. One of the best things you can do for your new pet is to get him the proper training. A Professional Malibu Dog Trainer teaches you and your dog how to work together as a team. Obedience Please specializes in that type of training.

Experienced Professionals Come to You

Our in-home dog training brings the trainer to you. Our unique 6-week training program provides dog owners the foundation to teach their animals to obey out of love and respect. We do not reward good behavior with treats. Instead, we focus on learning commands with love as the reward. Our course focuses on the following;

  • Teaching Commands – Your dog learns a new one each week. They include sit, stay, come, lie down, and heel. We practice them each week and teach you how to practice with your dog.
  • On & Off Leash Training – Your dog needs to listen whether he is on a leash or off it.
  • Owner Guidance – We help you with any behavior issues your dog may have or house training if needed.

If you are looking for a dog trainer in Malibu, daycare, or cage-free dog boarding Obedience Please can help.  Contact us online or call today at (616) 799-9615.