Another Day Another Dollar?

I often on the fact that my dog training appointments never get boring. On the surface one might think it’s pretty much always the same. For the past 61 years, I’ve been going to a client’s house, teaching their dog to sit, or whatever the command is they’re learning on that day. But the reality is it’s never the same. Every dog is an individual, and so is each owner, Their living situation and environment all bring their own challenges.

A dog is a dog after all.


A Beautiful Yellow Labrador Retriever at Chua Dieu Ngu Buddhist Temple

That aggressive Chihuahua is quite different from that gentle yet suborn Rottweiler. And that magnificent Beverly Hills mansion is quite different from my modest townhouse. Working with the countless dogs and owners and the countless combinations they create make every experience very unique. As I traveled today from one appointment with a rather large mastiff in a lovely lady’s apartment in Arcadia, to the magnificent Chua Dieu Ngu Buddhist temple in Westminster to meet a two year old Yellow Labrador retriever, and then to a delightful young couple in Pasadena with two English Bulldog puppies, once again I reflected on why each day is a challenge. And that’s why running Obedience Please Dog Training is a daily delight and adventure.

Chua Dieu Ngu Temple from the Inside

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