Storm season is hitting many places, and it is always wise to have a plan of action if seasonal storms hit your area. Often folks fail to include their dog in those plans. Being prepared can help prevent being separated from your pooch, but if it does happen can ensure you are reunited. Obedience Please Dog Training provides tips on life with a dog and provides a professional dog training program in Beverly Hills.

Stay Safe with Disaster Preparation for Your Dog

You can do several things to make sure if anything happens during a storm, your pup is returned to you safely. Any pet should have an ID tag with their current information. This should stay on them all the time. Other things you can do include:

  • Getting your pet microchipped. ID tags are a must, but they can come off. A microchip is below the skin.
  • Register your microchip. If it isn’t registered with the right info, it is doing no good.
  • Keep up with vaccinations – you never know where they could end up during an emergency. Prevention is the best policy.

Just like you would put together an emergency kit for your family, put one together for your dog. Include:

  • Food
  • Immunization records
  • Microchip information
  • Bandages
  • Vet contact

As an experienced puppy trainer in Bel Air, we understand how important they are to you. As seasonal weather approaches, be prepared to keep them safe.