You do your best to keep your fur baby safe. Regular vet visits, good food, and plenty of exercise. But have you considered the cleaning supplies you use? Dogs are attracted to strong smells and often attempt to lick cleaning products. You may want to check the ingredients in your cleaning supplies. At Obedience Please! Dog Training we are an Eagle Rock in-home dog training school that provides expert dog training. Here are some things you should know about Your Cleaning Supplies Safe for Your Dog?

Cleaning Supplies to Be Wary

One product dog owners should stay away from is Pine-Sol. It contains toxic pine oil that can cause serious damage. Phenols are also toxic and are found in:

  • Air fresheners
  • Furniture polish
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Disinfectant cleaners.

Cleaning products can irritate your pup’s mouth and skin. If you are a cat owner as well, they can be even more dangerous to kitties. Other things that are not cleaning products but can contain Phenols include:

  • Lotion
  • Hair products
  • Dental products
  • Cold medication

Always read the ingredient list before leaving any product where your dog may be able to access it.

Professional Dog Training

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