Whether you’ve owned a pup or recently adopted one, you might be in a dilemma trying to know when to enroll your pet for Bel Air Dog Training. In most cases, your dog should get the training sooner than later and finish the basic program. Since every dog will benefit from a basic dog training program, some need advanced or basic training more urgently than others. If you observe behavior that ranges from fear to boredom, it’s the right time to enroll your pet in dog training.

Other behaviors include:

  • Growl or Snarl when you get Near Their Possessions
    When you go near the dog food or try reaching for a toy, your dog will snarl. The behavior is termed resource guarding, and it happens when the dog believes he is protecting a valuable item. Unfortunately, the behavior can worsen when you don’t train your dog and know when they can show their teeth.
  • Excessive Barking
    It’s a common behavioral issue to come across dogs that bark a lot. Excessive barking can be due to many factors, including the dog feeling scared or taking a stand to guard and protect the surrounding property.
    Too much barking gets controlled by providing your dog with toys and other distractions. Another solution to excessive barking is to enroll your dog in a professional dog training program.
  • Poor Leash Manners
    It should not feel like you’re chasing or pulling your dog while you’re on a walking experience. Improper leash behaviors will make the walking experience unpleasant, and you can injure yourself or the dog. Enroll your dog in obedience training instead of playing the game of tug and war, and your pet will know how it can safely walk on a leash.

When your dog is not comfortable around other dogs, has separation anxiety, ignores basic commands, and is afraid of new environments, it’s an opportune time to book your dog for Bel Air dog training. Click here to learn more.