Reward Your Furry Companions With Professional Beverly Hills In-Home Dog Training

Are you looking for Beverly Hills in-home dog training from a team you can trust? Obedience Please is one of the progenitors of modern dog training. It all started with trainer Howard Finkelstein in 1956 and has carried on to this day with programs that work for puppies as young as eight weeks to senior dogs as old as ten years.

What Types of Learning Are Used in Dog Behavioral Modification?

Effective dog training revolves around some tried-and-true psychological principles as well as an understanding of how dogs learn. The two most recognized principles you might find while learning how behavioral modification applies to your furbabies include the following:

Classical Conditioning

Simply put, your dog uses his or her pattern recognition to associate a stimulus, like a word or sound, with another stimulus, like eating food or going outside. This behavior can become so ingrained that a dog behaves the same, even without a reward.

In Ivan Pavlov’s famous experiments related to classical conditioning, he rang a bell when offering food to his dogs, who would salivate in response. Over time, he tested ringing the bell without offering food and produced the same salivating response regardless of the presence of food.

Beverly Hills In-Home Dog Training

Operant Conditioning

Unlike classical conditioning, operant conditioning focuses on voluntary input from your dog. It entails encouraging good behaviors as well as knowing how to discipline bad behaviors effectively. These principles were famously explored by psychologist B.F. Skinner, who tested his theories on several different species, including rats and pigeons.

Obedience Please trainers can work with you to effectively reinforce positive behaviors and discourage negative behaviors in constructive ways that help your pet learn. Our focus isn’t on just making sure your dog follows commands: we want to help you build a relationship based on trust and respect that lasts for years to come.

Social Learning

Dogs, being social animals, also learn from watching how their fellow pack members act. This can be especially helpful if you’re training a puppy and have an older, well-trained dog who can act as a role model!

Obedience Please offers in-home dog training in Beverly Hills that has proven effective for show business, high-profile clients, and Southern California professionals alike. For more information about our in-home dog training courses and what they can do for your pets, contact us online or call (616) 799-9615 today.