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Helping You Build A Happy Life With Your Dog

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At Obedience Please Dog Training, our commitment is to help you and your dog create a joyful life together, right here in Pasadena and Southern California.

We provide a range of dog training classes in your home or our kennel, tailored for puppies, young dogs, and adult canines. Similar to human children, puppies require socialization, basic obedience training, and playtime. Let’s delve into our dog training approach and what you can expect.

Qualifying Criteria

Primarily, our training focuses on puppies starting at 8 weeks old. For dogs older than 10 years, we conduct an assessment to determine their eligibility for our program. We take into account your dog’s breed, age, genetics, health, and past experiences to customize our training approach according to its unique personality.

Why the Emphasis on Puppies and Young Dogs?

Puppies, being quick learners and eager to please, make excellent students. Their malleability and lack of stubbornness make them easier to train compared to older dogs. Young dogs benefit from learning fundamental commands such as sit, stay, down/stay, and come when called by name. Establishing control over your pet’s behavior from the beginning is crucial to prevent future issues.

Noteworthy is our philosophy on rewards. While some trainers use treats, we opt for a different approach—rewarding good behavior with love.

Individualized Attention

For rescue dogs or those slightly older with limited obedience training, enrolling in private or advanced dog training lessons is recommended. We accommodate your schedule and your pet’s needs, offering personal training sessions either at your home or our facility. Our experienced trainers employ various settings, tools, and resources to enhance training outcomes. Clients with multiple pets are encouraged to consider private lessons for personalized attention.


The Obedience Please Dog Training team is dedicated to assisting you in building a strong bond with your dog, making the process enjoyable. Visit us today to start with a puppy class or enroll in our next group session.

Explore our additional services, including dog boarding and dog daycare, to cater to all your pet’s needs.

For more information on our offerings, feel free to reach out to us. Your journey to a harmonious relationship with your furry friend begins here!

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