Obedience Please! Dog Training is the perfect facility for those in need of boarding and dog training near me. We provide several different styles of coaching depending on the needs of you and your dog. From obedience lessons in-home to 6-week long full-time boarding programs, your desired results can be achieved with us.
If you need some help with basic training exercises, there are a few techniques you can try at home to start seeing the best behavior in your dog.

One great way to train your dog in a new trick is to use a technique called “shaping”. Shaping is an animal training method that’s been very effective for dogs with all kinds of behavioral issues.

How shaping works are you first must determine what your end goal is? For example, if you want your dog to learn how to lie down, that would be the goal. Shaping is the process your dog follows to arrive at that goal.

You start by taking one step at a time, encouraging any little behavior that moves towards the desired result. You might have your dog just standing in place for step one and you would give them a small reward after using the command “lies down”. With further coaxing to get them into a sitting position, you would give them another reward, and so on.

You’re trying to persuade them towards the intended behavior by rewarding each step that they take to get there. This method breaks down their training into smaller parts that they can understand, so eventually, they’ll reach the end goal by mentally connecting it to the rewards you’re giving them.
This technique has been working for millions of dogs to learn very basic commands. However, Obedience Please! Dog Training provides more thorough and consistent direction and much more in-depth training. For boarding dog training near me, contact Obedience Please! for more details.