We all love our dogs no matter what, but once in a while we might cross paths with a perfectly heeling dog at the park and get a small tinge of jealousy. Or maybe a golden retriever on TV fetches a newspaper for their human just as our precious Fido sneaks a nibble of a sock from the laundry basket. If you are tired of giving commands that are selectively ignored, cleaning messes and spills every day, and renovating your home under protest, Brentwood dog training at Obedience Please can help!

Training at our kennel is an option for dogs that have some basic manners and are happy around other dogs. We use positive reinforcement in our training style so it’s important for your dog to be comfortable and willing to pay attention. If this will be a good experience for your pooch, then we have lots of options – from a 6-week daycare program to our 42-day boarding and training. Every dog has their own personality and needs so the amount of training required can vary. In-kennel training includes teaching them how to behave on leash, and sit, stay, come, down, heel, and stop commands. You just provide their food for each day, and we provide daily reports! If you have a puppy, then this is probably the option for you because they will get all the socialization they need from other dogs in the kennel. Puppies also need a lot of potty breaks which we are happy to provide throughout the day while you’re at work.

If Brentwood dog training at our facility isn’t ideal, we also offer in-home training. We will come to your place for pre-scheduled appointments, usually once a week. This is great for our furry friends that need more attention or doesn’t play nicely with other dogs just yet. Give us a call for more info!