At Obedience Please Dog Training, we’re dedicated to helping you and your dog build a happy life together.

That’s why we offer a variety of Burbank dog training classes for puppies, young dogs, and adult canines alike.

Much like human children, puppies need socialization, basic obedience training, and playtime. But just how do we go about our dog training and what can you anticipate?

Let’s explore.

Qualifying criteria

Firstly, our training focus is on puppies when pups are 8 weeks old. If your dog is older than 10 years, we’ll have an assessment to see whether we’re able to accommodate them in the program.

Secondly, we consider your dog’s breed, age, genetics, health, and past experiences as we tailor our approach to its personality.

Why the emphasis on puppies and young dogs?

Puppies learn faster than older dogs, and they make excellent students. Puppies are also easier to train because they tend to be less stubborn and more eager to please than older dogs.

Young dogs will also benefit from learning basic commands like sit, stay, down/stay, and come when called by name.

These four basic commands may seem trite, but we diligently drill them because if your dog doesn’t learn to obey these simple instructions from the onset it will become troublesome in the future. You see, having control of your pet’s behavior is essential so others don’t get hurt when interacting with or encountering your furry friend.

It’s worth highlighting here that where other trainers reward with treats we operate on a different philosophy. We choose to reward good behavior with love instead. A point that takes us straight to the next one: individualized attention.

Individualized attention

If your dog is a rescue, slightly older, and with little to no obedience training, it’s probably a better idea to enroll them in private or advanced Burbank dog training lessons.

We can work around your schedule and your pet’s needs. In addition, this personal dog training can take place at your home or our facility.

Our trainers have years of experience training dogs and can provide instruction in various settings. They also have access to many tools and resources that aid in increasing favorable training outcomes.

We encourage clients with multiple pets who want group classes to consider private lessons so that we can work with each pet individually.


Our team here at Obedience Please Dog Training is ready to assist you to build rapport with your dog and ensure it’s a fun process! Come see us today to get started with puppy class or sign up for our next group session.

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