Holidays can be hard on pets if their family travels and can’t take them with them. At Obedience Please we understand this, and want to make a home for you dog when this happens. One of the things we specialize in is cage free dog boarding, so your pooch can freely romp and play. We can accommodate the tiniest pup up to the gentle giants of the canine world.

Eating Routines

One of the things we do to ensure as little disruption as possible to his schedule is to have you bring the breakfast and dinner food. This way there is no worrying about him adjusting to a new food. If he loves a particular treat bring some of those too. We promise to spoil him just like you do. 

New Friends & Playtime

One of our favorite features is our playroom, where the dogs can run and play with each other. They get plenty of exercises this way. If your furry friend has not been spayed or neutered please let us know. They require a private room. If you give permission, we can even take him on day hikes and provide fun training.

What We Require

We do ask that you provide proof that your buddy has been vaccinated. We need proof of:

  • DHLPP Vaccine – Required every 1 or 3 years.
  • Rabies Vaccine – Required every 1 – 3 years
  • Bordetella Vaccine – Required every 6 months

Obedience, Please provides cage free dog boarding with affordable dog boarding rates. Contact us at (616) 799-9615 for more information.