There are a lot of little behaviors your dog may engage in that don’t seem like such a big deal until you are at home with your canine friend 24/7. During the lockdown many dog owners discovered that their pooch could benefit from Highland Park in home dog training.

Our professional trainers at Obedience Please work with local residents either in facility or take advantage of our in home training program that comes to you on your schedule. Our trainers have worked with tens of thousands of dog owners to help them get rid of behaviors they do not want in their dog and encourage positive behaviors.

We have a comprehensive six-week program covers the following skills:

  • Your dog learns to follow commands both on- and off-leash
  • Teaching you signs your dog is communicating to you
  • Advising dog owners with correction of unwanted behaviors and rewarding following commands the right way
  • Reinforcing housebreaking

The process is easy and stress-free, you and your dog will look forward to the sessions where your dog will gain a new skill every week including:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Lie down
  • Stay down
  • Heel

Obedience Please is proud to provide Highland Park in home dog training and other areas of California that has proven effective for over six decades. For more information about our six-week training program, or for any other questions related to in-home dog training, you can contact us by phone at (616) 799-9615.