Spending a lot of time at home made a lot of dog owners realize something, their dog needs training. When you spend a portion of the day at work, dogs get bored on their own and can develop bad habits just like anyone else. Through the teachings learned through in home dog training, Pacific Palisades residents can teach their dog how to be good and get rewarded for positive behaviors.

How Does the Process Work?

While we have reopened our facility for training, boarding and more, our professional trainers will also come to you. This is very beneficial because the trainer not only teaches your dog how to understand what is expected, but also shows dog owners how to understand the clues your dog is giving you when he is frustrated, being defiant or simply does not understand what you want. Learning the hallmarks of communicating to your dog results in a new level of trust between dog and owner and leads to a happy, fulfilled pooch.

Our trainers never use negative feedback. You will never hear, “Bad dog” and the other big difference in our training methods is we do not use treats. We instead reward good behavior and performing commands as directed with praist, something your dog is biologically hardwired to never get tired of.

Obedience Please has in home dog training in Pacific Palisades, you can trust to put your pet’s needs first. We have many years of experience helping dog owners bond with their pets for a lifetime of companionship. Contact us online or call (616) 799-9615 for more information.