Are you a discerning homeowner looking for in-home dog training for Glendale residents’ furry family members? Obedience Please trainers offer a comprehensive in-home program that is effective for both puppies and adult dogs. Our over sixty years of experience has given Southern California residents, as well as entertainment industry professionals and other high-profile clients, consistently high-quality training that forges stronger bonds between owner and pet.

What can you expect from our comprehensive service?

  • Commands. We teach owners how to give essential commands for their dogs, including how to sit, stay, come, lie down, stay down, and heel on command. This education applies to both on- and off-leash training.
  • Education. Obedience Please instructors can also guide you through the essentials about the science of behavior modification and how it works for your dog and helps you lead your furry companions.
  • Correction. We can also advise owners on constructive ways to correct challenging behaviors, including those related to house training. Learning how to communicate with your dog to both reward and discourage behaviors is essential to developing a stronger mutual understanding of one another.
  • Teambuilding. Our focus at Obedience Please is ensuring that you and your dog cooperate as a team. You’re at the helm so that your pet can happily follow. We show you how to foster this cooperation between owner and pet through respect, consistency, and love, not appeasement with treats.
  • Personalization. While our six-week program covers the essentials of dog training, in-home service allows for more individualized plans, counsel, and solutions in the comfort and safety of your home. Learning commands at home can also be very helpful for dogs who are shy or anxious in unfamiliar places.

Obedience Please is the premier service you can trust for high-quality Glendale in-home dog training that has worked for over 45,000 dogs to date. Contact our team online or call (616) 799-9615 for more information about our comprehensive in-home program.