There is nothing more annoying than a dog who barks constantly. You may want your dog to alert you of strangers, but when you say stop, you want him to obey. We can guarantee that the neighbors do not enjoy a dog barking like crazy or constantly barking when they are outside. Maybe your dog doesn’t bark like crazy, but he jumps on people. Or your lovable furball will not stay off the furniture. Any behavior that is unacceptable needs dealt with and Obedience Please! Dog Training can help with stop dog barking training.

Decades of Experience Training Dogs

We have been training dogs of all ages, shapes, and sizes for over 45 years. Our dog-loving staff has trained dogs for the rich and famous and for the everyday person. It doesn’t matter who you are; you want your dog to be well-behaved.

Dog Training Options

We have several options for our clients. We offer a six-week in-home training course where our dog trainers come to you. There is also daycare training. With this program, your dog spends the day with us, and you pick him up each day. Full, intensive training is where your dog boards with us for six weeks. This is an excellent option for puppies. For more information on stop dog barking training, contact us at (616) 799 – 9615.