If you are looking to get a puppy and have kids, you may wonder what the best breed is for a family. Not all dogs do well with children. You want your dog to get along with the kids, and one thing that can help is dog guidance in Encino. When you get your pup, make sure you sign him up for the right dog training at Obedience Please.

Here are some of the best dog breeds for families:

  • Labrador Retrievers – Friendly, very active, and good with kids. They are bigger dogs    and require lots of exercise.
  • Bulldog – Low energy but a wonderfully loyal dog who has a calm nature. Good with kids and other dogs.
  • Golden Retriever – Intelligent, energetic, and friendly. Good with kids and other dogs. Eager to please.
  • Beagle – This dogs are curious, friendly, and good with people and other pets. They respond well to training and are a medium-size dog.
  • Irish Setter –  Beautiful animals who love to run. They love kids, get along great with other dogs, but need lots of space to run and play.
  • Newfoundland – Big dogs who love to romp. They make an excellent family dog as they are patient and sweet.

Before getting any kind of pet, make sure you can take care of it properly. Make sure your dog gets the dog guidance in Glendale he needs.