The pushback many owners have to sign their dogs up for dog daycare in Pasadena is that they feel their dog will be lonely all day. We find most dogs have so much fun with the engaging one-on-one attention and training, they look forward to coming back.

Our dog daycare has been designed to be cage-free where your canine companion can participate in the exercise, socialization and playtime fun provided by our services. The environment is especially good for dogs who cannot tolerate temperatures that are too hot, too cold or dislike having wet feet from being outside, our indoor facility answers all of those needs and keeps the interior climate perfectly comfortable for your dog. Best of all, when your dog is at play or needs a walk for a bathroom break, she is watched over by one of our trained pet counselors.

Our daycare facility is available 7 days a week and we even offer fun hikes, training, and if needed, baths in a calm, enjoyable way so even dogs that normally fight bathtime enjoy it. If you have a pack that you want to enroll, ask about our multi-dog discount.

Call Obedience Please and get a quote for dog daycare in Pasadena or feel free to stop by our facility, no appointment necessary. Contact our team online or call (616) 799-9615 with any questions you have about our services.