At Obedience Please! we’re all dog lovers. Our dog daycare in Sherman Oaks provides a fun and welcoming environment for all breeds and sizes.

The employees that spend each day with a variety of dogs are particularly knowledgeable about their grooming needs and how to take care of their coats, nails, teeth, ears, and paws. Did you know that there are two main types of canine coats? Most dogs can be classified as having either a single or a double coat.

Dogs such as Shih Tzus, poodles, and chihuahuas all have single coats – just one layer of fur. Conversely, a double coat includes an outer layer that is coarser. Beneath that they’ll have an undercoat which is a very soft, white fur that grows quickly and sheds often.

Each coat type has its own unique needs. Most dogs with a single coat should visit a groomer regularly for a cut because their fur doesn’t stop growing on its own. They can also get matted areas that need to be brushed out. A trip to the groomer at least once every three months will keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy.

Double-coated dogs do not need to get a cut. In fact, professional groomers advise against it. The double coat will only grow to a certain length before it stops, and the top layer grows very slowly. If it’s cut shorter, it may never grow back correctly. Dogs with double coats can usually adapt to extreme temperatures easier whereas dogs with single coats are sensitive to being too hot or too cold.

Almost all breeds of dogs can get matted fur over time. We recommend that every breed be brushed regularly. Try brushing once a week if you can. Our staff at Obedience Please! dog daycare in Sherman Oaks is happy to answer any further grooming and training questions you have.