For dog owners looking for a great dog daycare in Pasadena, Obedience Please! Dog Training is here for you. Whether you work long hours, have a ton of priorities during the week, or just want what’s best for your dog, our facility can help.
When you leave your dog with us, not only are they going to get the well-rounded socialization that every 4-legged friend needs from other dogs and humans, but we’ll also let you know of any potential health or behavior issues that we happen to observe.

Our people at Obedience Please! spend all day with the dogs, so we’re very familiar with all kinds of common dog health issues. Many of the signs of an unhealthy dog are quite obvious to us. If we notice that your dog is dealing with a skin problem, if they have any abnormal bathroom habits or their behavior is concerning in any way, we can flag it to discuss with you when you pick them up.

A lot of these issues go unnoticed by dog owners. Perhaps because they have very busy lives or because they are inexperienced. This may be the first dog that they’ve ever had, so they aren’t familiar with the signs and symptoms that we see all the time. We want what’s best for your dog, so we are more than happy to keep an eye on your furry family member and share our observations and recommendations with you.

That being said, just simply bringing your dog to the dog daycare in Pasadena on a regular basis can resolve a lot of common health issues naturally. Being in our facility regularly means your dog will be physically active and socializing with the other dogs, which is a fantastic way to manage weight and behavioral problems. Give us a call or send us an email for more information.