What are your options if you must go away and leave your pet behind whether for a short or extended time period?

Traditionally most people used to confine their pets to a kennel. Fortunately, this is gradually being phased out in favor of dog boarding Pasadena – a more pet-friendly, healthier, and safer option.

The Problem with Dog Kennels

Kennels in themselves aren’t inherently bad but dogs ending up in said cages typically find themselves suffering from:

  • Distress
  • Separation anxiety
  • Loneliness stemming from isolation
  • Aggression owing to being in a confined state
  • Illness contracted from dogs in neighboring kennels

There’s a time and place to cage your dog of course, but for extended periods of time, we recommend putting your pet up in a dog boarding Pasadena facility. And here’s why.

Why Dog Boarding Pasadena is Preferable

Firstly, a dog boarding facility means your dog isn’t isolated. He/she has company to stimulate them, play with, and ease any separation anxiety.

Secondly, premium facilities like those offered by industry experts Obedience Please Dog Training mean your canine has pristine accommodation and a caregiver to match their personality and needs.

Health Benefits of Dog Boarding

To enjoy good health while in our care, your dog receives nutritious food and water. And they also get mental stimulation.

Within a structured dog boarding facility such as ours, your pet enjoys more than just minimal human interaction. They get individualized stimulationto promote happiness and relaxation.

Dog Boarding Facility Near Me

Residents of Pasadena are in luck because our doors are always open. However, prior to accepting your boarding application, there’s a bit of information we’ll need from you such as your dog’s latest vaccination records for Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella. For more information contact us.