Over the many years I’ve heard from many people why their dog doesn’t need to be trained.

He’s just a small dog.

My dog is so smart.

He’s a good dog.

He listens most of the time.

Its work . I didn’t get a dog to have more work.

How about your children? Do you not need to teach them? Do you not have children because they will be work? A DOG IS NOT A TOY FOR CHILDREN, OR FOR YOURSELF. It is a living, feeling obligation. An obligation that will give you love, companionship, and joy for many years. Below David is working with his two Maltese puppies in front of his Beverly Hills home. So just to list a few reasons to train your pet. Safety: A properly trained dog will happily obey your every command.

David in front of his home Obedience Please Dog Training
David in front of his home.
Mary Ellen Pups Obedience Please Dog Training
Mary Ellen Pups

That one reason may save his life if he is about to get run over by a car. Socialization: A trained dog can participate in so many more aspects of your life. That will bring so much more enjoyment to his life and yours.Good or bad: A dog can’t understand those concepts without being properly taught them. It will be work, and some monetary expenditure, but it will pay you back over and over for the years that your best friend is with you.

Mary Ellen enjoying her trained puppies at the beautiful Fess Parker Inn in Los Alivos.