Getting a dog is more than just getting a new pet: you are getting a companion that will stick by your side for years to come. To get the most out of that companionship, homeowners may want to consider in-home dog training in Burbank from the experienced professionals at Obedience Please. Our signature program has helped tens of thousands of dogs with learning commands and correcting behaviors so that owners can focus on building thriving relationships with man’s best friend.

Our in-home dog training regimen lasts for six weeks and focuses on the following:

Teaching Commands
Your dog learns a new command each week, including Sit, Stay, Come, Lie Down, Stay Down, and Heel. These commands are implemented weekly to give your dog time to learn them and give you, the owner, time to practice giving commands and leading the pack.

On- & Off-Leash Training
Training is done both on and off-leash to help establish the structure and consistency that dogs need to memorize and obey commands.

Owner Guidance
If you have concerns about your dog’s behavior or house training, our trainers are more than happy to provide you with professional guidance that can productively correct issues while focusing on building a stronger relationship with your dog.