You just got a new puppy, and you want to have him trained. There are many dog training locations, but none with the years of experience that Obedience Please! Dog training has. We have been using dog training in our kennel for over forty-five years. Even if you have a slightly older dog with behavior issues, we can work with him.

Kennel Training Options

The best option is our full-time kennel training, especially for pups. It is an intensive six-week dog training course where the puppy stays with us the entire time. If you prefer, we have a daycare option, where you drop off and pick up your furry friend Monday through Friday. And we also offer our famous six-week in-home dog training.

The Goal is a Happy, Obedient Dog

The option you choose is what works best for you, but the goal is the same. We teach you and your dog how to respond to each other and have a strong relationship. We don’t operate on the “give them a treat” method. That isn’t the foundation for training that will stick. You need to be the head of the pack, and your dog will happily follow. Dog training in our kennel will be the best decision you make for your pet.