Are you looking for the utmost in quality dog training from experienced professionals? At Obedience Please, our training regimen, facilities, and trainers are all geared toward bringing pet owners the education and tools they need to build a thriving and beautiful relationship with man’s best friend. Whether you are a seasoned pet owner or getting your first puppy, these dog training techniques are designed to benefit dogs and owners alike.

Dog training provides a variety of other benefits besides teaching your dog essential commands and behaviors. These include:

Exercise and Mental Stimulation
Obedience training seeks to address the needs that dogs have while strengthening the bond between owner and pet. This includes mental stimulation, adequate exercise, quality time spent with owners, and being given roles and tasks.

According to research, most dogs value getting rewards more when they have had opportunities to earn them. Dogs thrive mentally from learning commands and problem-solving and being assigned such tasks aids in maintaining the mental well-being of your pet.

Training Can Save Lives
Understanding commands is not only crucial to building a relationship with your dog but also to communicate during emergencies. Even well-behaved dogs can run when scared. However, a strong relationship with the owner and an understanding of commands like Stop or Wait can prevent dogs from encountering potentially dangerous situations like running into the street or bolting out of the house during thunderstorms or natural disasters.

Building a Strong Bond
Working with our professionals can your dog learn essential commands, but it also helps you, the owner, put yourself at the head of the pack. According to research, dogs with obedience training pay closer attention to their owners and how they communicate, which can reduce stress and aid in the bonding process. The more time you spend with these intelligent and empathetic companions, the more you learn to understand each other and work together.

Whether you are looking for in-home dog training courses, doggy daycare services, or full-time boarding for dog training, Obedience Please is happy to provide pet owners with the same excellence in service that has helped over 45,000 dogs. For more information about our dog training, or to get an estimate for your training, daycare, or boarding needs, contact us online or call today at (616) 799-9615