Our doggy daycare in Glendale CA has plenty of excitement and commotion to engage the senses. Your dog will have quite a fulfilling time with us whether you’re dropping them off before work or heading out on a road trip.

To keep the good times rolling, however, our guests should be feeling healthy. Unfortunately, there are so many contagious diseases that can affect dogs, so it’s important for responsible pet owners to be aware of the most common ones.

This illness affects the digestive and cardiovascular systems. It’s highly contagious and transferable to humans. It spreads through contact and feces. The sick dog will need to be taken to an animal hospital because it can be fatal if left untreated. Symptoms include diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting, lethargy, and fever.

Similar to parvo, distemper is also very contagious. It affects the central nervous system and lymph nodes. It’s airborne and hard to get rid of and requires hospital treatment or it can be fatal, particularly for puppies. Symptoms include cough and seizures.

Kennel Cough (Bordetella)
A type of contagious bronchitis that often goes away on its own. It spreads through the air and through physical contact. Symptoms include a distinct cough, fever, and runny nose.

Ringworm is another very contagious disease that’s transferable to humans. It’s not usually fatal unless the affected already has a weakened immune system. Despite the name, it’s not actually a parasitic worm, it’s a fungal infection. Symptoms include hair loss, ring-shaped rashes, areas of wounded skin, and itchiness.

Thankfully, most of these common canine illnesses are easily treated in a vet clinic. Those listed above all have preventative vaccines as well. Our doggy daycare in Glendale CA prioritizes the health and safety of our furry guests, so we kindly ask for proof of up-to-date rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella shots.