El Monte Dog Training

El Monte residents have lovely pets; they are entitled to the best care. Obedience Please Dog Training gives different choices for dog training in El Monte, and our programs have effectively trained more than 45000 dogs to date. Of explicit note is our renowned in-home dog training in El Monte.

We provide different programs both in and outside the home, which includes:

Our Outstanding Six-week Home Course

The training is done in your home by our trainer for you and your dog. They start with teaching your dog their weekly lessons such as how to come, stay, sit, stay down, lie down, and heel.
Each week, the owner is taught the right practice techniques. Your dog would know how his/her lessons towards the end of the course and respond to you the owner. Housetraining and addressing of issues are incorporated.

$950.00 for 6 sessions

Topanga Dog Training

Redesigned Daycare Training

We come to get your dog on Monday morning and return him/her to you on Saturday, much like our Daycare Training program. We give them training, they are taken on hikes, and also participate in daycare. During this time, we will board and care for your dog.

$3000.00 for 30 sessions

Kennel Training (Extensive training with Boarding)

This is a six-week intensive and very effective training for puppies and grown dogs at our kennel. Your dog would be boarded and trained twice daily. He/she would be trained for on-leash, Obedience commands like come, sit, stay, heel, stop, and are prepared for off-leash training. They also enjoy daycare from the hours of 7 am and 7 pm. Problem correction and housetraining guidance are incorporated. We generally suggest kennel training with three in-home lessons.

$3950.00 for 6 weeks

If you need experienced and professional help in house training your dog, teaching it commands, and correcting behavior issues, Obedience Please Dog Training is fully committed to setting up a happy and healthy relationship between owner and dog.

For inquiries about our dog training in El Monte or in scheduling an in-home consultation, call our team at (626) 799-9615.

Schedule a $40 In-Home Consultation
($40 can be applied to training fees)