Whether you need dog training in Beverly Hills or Alhambra, Obedience Please trainers are more than happy to assist you so that you can enjoy a stronger relationship with your pets. We’ve been in the business of dog training for both homeowners and high-profile clients alike since 1956, and our methods have worked for over 40,000 dogs to date.

The principles of behavior modification differ from typical obedience training in that your dog does not simply learn to act out a command when he or she hears it. Instead, behavior modification strives to change a dog’s responses and attitudes to certain stimuli. Obedience training is useful to this end, however, as these techniques can encourage anxiety management, avoiding aggression triggers,  and self-control and discipline without the use of treats.

Our trainers can help you change your dog’s behavior and attitude in constructive ways that help you strengthen your relationship with your dog. The Obedience Please six-week program is tailored to both puppies and adult dogs, as well as teaching owners how to interface with their pets in ways that encourage positive changes in behavior. Need guidance on issues like behavior management or house training? Our trainers are more than happy to provide constructive solutions that can assist you in these matters.

Obedience Please is proud to provide dog training in Beverly Hills and other areas of California that has proven effective for over six decades. For more information about our six-week training program, or for any other questions related to in-home dog training, you can contact us by phone at (616) 799-9615.