How Can In-Home Training Help Southern California Residents?

  • If owners have chronic health conditions or circumstances that impact their mobility, an experienced, in-home trainer can provide the same high standard of professional training that you can expect from a group course. Trainers can also recommend ways to better accommodate dog ownership based on your condition.
  • Time-saving. Scheduling can be hectic for many individuals and families. In-home training is able to accommodate you at your convenience. If your plans change, we remain available to come to your home when you are ready for your next training session with your pet.
  • Custom-fitted. It can be more challenging to adapt to individual learning styles in a group setting. However, when a dog trainer comes directly to your home, they can work with both you and your dog in ways that accommodate your respective learning styles best.

Obedience Please’s in-home dog training programs are comprehensive and effective so that you can foster a relationship with your pets based on mutual trust and respect, not treats. For more information about our training, daycare, or boarding services, you can contact our team online or at (616) 799-9615 today.