According to statistics, approximately 85 million people in the United States are pet owners, among which 60 million are dog owners. Dogs are of high preference because they offer security to the family. Unfortunately, they require the highest level of care than any other animal. However, how will you ensure the continued care of your dog if you keep going out for an extended period? In that case, Pasadena dog daycare will save the day.

What Is Dog Daycare?
Dog daycare is an essential service offered to pet owners who must drop them off at a particular facility because they cannot keep watch for various reasons.

Keeping an eye on your dog for the more significant part of the day is challenging with a full-time job. That denies them the opportunity to socialize and play freely with other dogs.

Some states don’t allow pets when you go for a vacation, and you need to leave your dog behind in daycare until you return.

What to Expect from Pasadena Dog Daycare

  • Playing

Dogs taken for daycare have a playing ground where they can interact and roam with other dogs to build energy. Playing areas are large and safe. Therefore, all dogs are accommodated without problems.

  • Naptime

Dogs also need to sleep. Dog daycare facilities should have a comfortable place where they can rest. If you wish to know how your pet is accommodated during naptime, please inquire from the Obedience Please Institution.

  • Feeding

Daycare can’t end without your pet getting some meals. You must drop off your dog and its food as you alert the staff on when and how to feed it. Don’t forget to mention allergies or reactions that your dog has.

  • Walks

Not all dog daycare institutions will take your dog for a walk. However, consider arriving at the site with a dog leash just in case of a schedule change.

Contact Us for Dog Daycare in Pasadena
To qualify for Pasadena dog daycare, you should meet different requirements, such as offering a vacation card, medical history, and your dog’s age. If you’re looking for a friendly dog daycare service in Pasadena with 24-hour supervision by qualified staff, please call us via phone at (626) 799-9615 or (310)247-0802.