If you go out for anything in La Canada, you will notice folks out with their dogs. Some are well-behaved, and some are obviously in charge, no matter what the owner does. There is a need for professional La Canada kennel training, and Obedience Please Dog Training is the solution. Our dog-loving staff has been providing dog training for decades. We have helped thousands of clients and their four-legged friends build great relationships.

Full-Time Kennel Training or In-Home Dog Training

We offer several obedience school options to our customers. With in-home training, the trainer comes to your home. They teach your pooch a new command each week and build upon positive reinforcement.

With full-time kennel training, you bring your dog to us, and he stays with us the entire time. We have a daycare version as well, where you drop off and pick up your dog each day. He is home with you on the weekends.

Building a Strong Relationship

No matter which route you choose, the methods we use to teach your dog to obey are built on love and respect. Treats are not the answer to getting your dog to be obedient. If you are looking for a dog training center near Westwood, give Obedience Please a call.