How does your dog act when the mail gets delivered or a friend drops by? Is he out of control and jumping or calm and friendly? If Fido is acting a bit naughty and you are always dealing with unstable behavior from your pooch, then Altadena in home dog training can help you with that. Obedience Please Dog Training has decades of experience in turning out of control dogs into good family members.

What makes in-home dog training so helpful is something you may wonder. What makes this so helpful is that we come to you, no need to take a trip out to our facilities. We help your dog become happier with himself and with you. There’s no reason to worry about any safety issues, as we take all precautions recommended by the CDC.

One of the most crucial factors in Obedience Please In-Home Dog Training is what we never do. Our professionally trained pet counselors do not teach your pet to respond to any treats. Treats are loved by all, but one day your dog may not want that treat anymore, and then he’s back to being disobedient.

What we do is teach your dog to obey by modifying his behavior as opposed to by what he is fed.. The main goal is to build love and trust between you and your doggie. That is the objective of our team. We work with you to create a plan that has been crafted for your pet and you. Want training that you can trust no matter what? We’ve got you.

If your dog is showing bad behavior, you should contact Obedience Please for Altadena in home dog training. If you want more information about our facility and services, or to get an estimation for your training or boarding needs, you can get in contact with us on the phone at (616) 799-9615 or online.