What’s it like on a day-to-day basis with your dog? If they respond well to commands and are a fun to be around and overall happy member of your family, you’ve done and are doing well. But if Spark is unrestrained and you are constantly dealing with out of control behavior from your dog, then Studio City In Home Dog Training can help. Obedience Please Dog Training has decades of experience in turning rambunctious Rovers into good boys.

We Come Straight to You

We do have regular hours at our facilities and offer services such as dog grooming and dog boarding. Our in-home dog training is designed to work with your pup and you right in your own home. This is where your furry friend lives and enjoys himself and is the absolute perfect environment for training him to be even better. You have no need to fret about safety issues during these times either. Our staff implements masks, gloves and other CDC recommendations.

What We Are Able To Do for You

One of the key factors in Obedience Please training is what we do not do. Our trained pet counselors don’t teach your pet to respond to treats or any food. Everyone loves a treat, but obedience shouldn’t be based on the reward. There may be days your dog does not want a treat, is feeling ill, or decides he no longer enjoys the meat sticks you buy. At that moment all of the obedience he has goes out the window.

We teach your dog to obey by modifying his behavior. The goal is to build love and absolute trust between you and your companion. Our staff aims to work with you to create an individualized plan based on what you and most importantly your dog require. This includes but is not limited to learning basic commands such as heel, sit and stop.

Training You Can Trust No Matter What

Obedience Please offers Studio City In Home Dog Training, you can trust to put your pet’s needs first. We have many years of experience helping dog owners bond with their pets for a lifetime of companionship. Contact us online or call (616) 799-9615 for more information.