Pet dogs are a source of joy in many homes. Acquiring one is considered a worthwhile asset. However, if the proper precautions are not observed before getting your pet, they may suddenly become a nuisance to you and your family. Obedience Please Brentwood dog trainer is the solution to that.

Having been in the dog training industry for over 60 years, you can trust us with your dog resting assured that it is in the safest hands. From as early as eight weeks to an average age of 10 years, we train dogs for different purposes like TV shows, movies, and security purposes.

We train dogs on basic obedience commands, how to relate to the human world, good manners, and aggression control to promote effective communication. This helps the owner and the dog to create a bond of trust and respect.

Before you can get a dog, trainer or take the dog for training, it is essential to take precautionary control measures to tame the dog by:

  • Minimizing the free-roaming space for the dog so that it never gets to places it is not wanted.
  • Limiting what the dog can chew using a chewing deterrent spray but providing it with appropriate chewing materials like raw meat bones or bully sticks. At least you won’t find your shoe in the backyard.
  • Creating an appropriate rest area for the dog that is comfortable and free from frequent interruption.

Our training is split into three different categories as per client needs:

    1. In-home dog training- Our trainer will travel to your home to train your dog in fundamental skills like come, lying down, sitting, or staying down. It is more personalized, and it is easy to change unwanted behavior in the dog’s natural environment. The owner of the dog is trained on proper handling procedures too.
    2. In-kennel dog training- Performed in either daycare where the dog is trained and sent home on weekends with progress records and instruction or modified daycare where the dog is picked up on Monday morning and dropped back on Friday evening. This package is suitable for working clients.
    3. Kennel training- The dog stays in the kennel for 6 weeks. The dog owner is allowed three kennel training sessions. The dog is also given house training and problem-elimination skills. Behavior modification is also carried out on dogs that may have escalations of behaviors of concern. See the boarding requirements on our site.

To sum it up, if you have any concerns about your dog, or wish to have it trained to become a partner in the home, look no further. Obedience Please Dog Training is the best option for you. Feel free to contact us; we offer the best Brentwood dog trainer services.