Summer vacation is an event that many of us look forward to all year round. You might have saved up for an international adventure, or maybe a couple of weekend road trips are on the menu this season. In either case, you will probably be looking for a first-rate Glendale CA dog daycare. Our cage-free facility is a fantastic boarding option if you’re out of town for the day, overnight, or even longer.

Depending on your destination, perhaps you’re considering taking your dog with you. This is certainly feasible if you’ll be staying somewhere that’s pet friendly. Most hotels will only charge a small fee to keep a pet in your room, and some of them have entire floors allocated for guests with dogs. Unless your dog suffers from anxiety or has destructive tendencies when left alone, this arrangement may be the most suitable for you.

Most dogs do just fine with long car rides if they’re able to move around freely and relax. If a dog isn’t used to being in a vehicle, then some anxiety should be expected, but talk to your vet if you have any concerns.

Something else to keep in mind when traveling with pets is that different regions often have unique laws regarding them. For example, vaccine requirements may differ. Some areas also prohibit specific breeds of dogs. If you’re traveling outside of the country, you might be expected to provide vet documents, proof of ownership, and vaccine certificates. Certain countries may not allow your pet in at all, or they may have a mandatory quarantine period. You should find out all these details well in advance of your trip if possible.

If traveling with your canine companion isn’t ideal, we offer dog boarding at our Glendale CA dog daycare for dogs of any size or special need. Contact us today for more info.