Pasadena Puppy and Dog Training

Obedience Please is proud to serve residents with quality professional dog training in Pasadena that meets the needs of owners from all walks of life, including movie and television celebrities. We’ve trained over 45,000 dogs thus far, and you can consult our list of famous prior clients to see our experience with the needs of those involved in the entertainment industry.

“Obedience Please”, dog trainers are at east satisfying the dog training needs of movie and television celebrities who often reside in Burbank, or anywhere else.

(See our list of the many rich and famous of our past.)

We offer several programs for both in- and out-of-home training, including:

Our Famous In-Home Courses

With in-home training, we send a dog trainer directly to your residence to aid both you and your dog. Our initial focus during each lesson is on your dog. We begin by teaching them commands like Sit, Stay, Come, Lie Down, Stay Down, Heel, etc., as well as on- and off-leash training.

 After we work with your dog, we coordinate with you, the owner, to help you give effective commands that inspire loyalty and obedience in your pet. If you would like guidance on house training or correcting problematic behaviors, our instructors are more than happy to assist you with these concerns.

Our trainer comes to your home, where you and your dog learns. First we teach your dog their weekly lesson. They will be taught to sit, to stay, to come, to lie down, to stay down, and to heel, on leash. Each week we also teach the dog owner the correct practice techniques. At the end of the course your pet will know his/her lessons and respond to you – the owner. House training and problem correction guidance are included.
$790.00 for 6 sessions

Daycare Training Options

We also offer 6-week daycare training for both puppies and adult dogs. You can choose full-time boarding in our kennel 10 miles from South Pasadena, or you can select modified training, where we pick up your dog on Monday and drop them back off to you on Saturday morning. We recommend supplementing this program with three in-home sessions to reinforce commands and establish you as an authority.

We offer a six-week, intensive training program at our South Pasadena facilities! The perfect solution for working couples. For the incredible low price of $1800.00, your dog is trained for on-leash obedience. Commands include sit, stay, come, down, heel, and preparation for off-leash training. Your dog is trained daily, Monday through Friday and also enjoys daycare during the hours of 7:00am to 7:00pm, Monday through Friday.
$1800.00 for 30 sessions

Why Choose Professional Dog Training?

  • Understand your dog. Through these courses, you and your dog learn more about each other and how you work together. Not only is this crucial to being able to give commands to your dog, but it also helps create a robust and lasting bond for years to come.
  • Better safety and ease of care. By consulting with a professional about learning commands and correcting problematic behaviors, taking care of your dog becomes more manageable, and taking them out for various activities is safer and more enjoyable.
  • Have fun. Dogs thrive the most when they have a strong leader that they can rely on to head the pack. Both you and your dog learn skills that let you lead your dog the way they want to be guided, so you can focus on having adventures with man’s best friend.

Obedience Please strives to bring you professional dog training in Glendale that is both successful and reliable for all clients. For more information about our daycare or in-house training options, or to schedule your no-obligation, in-home consultation, call our team today at (626) 799-9615.

Schedule a $40 In-Home Consultation
($40 can be applied to training fees)