When I train a dog in a clients home there is as much training that goes into the owner as into the dog.

The first thing I explain is this course is a partnership between us. It is ultimately useless for your dog to obey me, and not you. Once that is established I ask what problem they’re having. It usually starts spilling out- “He’s a good puppy, but he does bad things. He pees all over the living room. He bites my fingers. He’s chewing on our carpet, etc.

good dog bad dog obedience please dog training
good dog bad dog obedience please dog training
Remember that Table Manners are a Human Virtue

My favorite bad pronouncement was “Last night I accidentally left two watches on the coffee table. A cheap Timex, and a very expensive Rolex. Are you trying to tell me the little bas**** didn’t do that to spite me?”
I always ask- why is it bad for your dog to Pee in the living room?
“It’s disgusting, and it’s ruining the floor.”
OK, what else? And why is it bad for the puppy to bite your fingers.
“Because it hurts”, the reply comes as they look at me like I’m stupid.
But why is it bad TO THE PUPPY?
A light of understanding shows in their eyes. Good and Bad are human values.
We have to teach our pets our values.

With the client’s cooperation it’s not hard to do. It just takes some… training.