With the holidays fast approaching, even though gatherings are much smaller this year, you still do not want to have company over with a dog that is acting out of control. Through our methods and using in home dog training in Brentwood, you can turn a dog that doesn’t listen to a wonderful, well-trained companion. 

We have over six decades of experience training tens of thousands of dogs and counting to be their very best. No matter how crazy or out of control you may think your dog is, we can work with you and your dog to help you learn to communicate so your dog can understand what is expected as far as actions and behaviors you want. 

This in-home training is convenient and done on your schedule. The reason this is so useful is that our professional trainers come to you. For dogs that are already dealing with nervousness and anxiety, training in familiar surroundings can work in your favor. 

Our trainers observe all currently advised precautions including masks and gloves plus distancing as needed. One of the most important aspects of our training is that we teach your dog to obey commands through the use of positive feedback rather than his current favorite dog treats. We work with you to create a plan that has been crafted for your dog and you. 

If your dog help to correct unwanted behaviors, contact Obedience Please for in-home dog training in Brentwood. If you want more information about our services and facility or to get an estimate for your boarding or training needs, you can get in contact with us on the phone at (616) 799-9615 or online.