Are you looking for dog training from experienced professionals that have an extensive history of success in both boarding and training animals? At Obedience Please, we emphasize quality
dog training curriculums that guide animals in what behaviors are expected of them, as well as show owners how to interact effectively with their much-beloved pets.

Our in-home training courses, as well as our daycare and kennel training courses, are all designed to provide you with the benefits that come from owning a well-trained animal. Here’s
what you can expect when you sign up for professional dog training:

A strong, lasting bond between yourself and your pets

A consistent and well-implemented training regimen helps establish a critical connection between you and your dog. The more time you spend together implementing boundaries and
learning to understand one another, the more you develop mutual respect. It’s this connection that allows your dog to trust you completely and respect your judgment. As you work with your
dog by implementing commands, you gain more admiration for the intelligence, empathy, and capabilities of your animals.

Better veterinary care

While veterinarians care deeply for the well-being of animals, they do not possess the skills of a dog trainer. As a result, they cannot teach your pet the patience needed for an animal to stay
well-behaved for a veterinary appointment. A well-trained dog, however, develops this patience and an understanding that the people around them do not want to hurt them. As you work with
your dog to get them used to touch, grooming, and maintenance, it becomes much more comfortable for both you and your veterinarian to maintain your dog’s health effectively,
preventing the risk of disease and infection.

Minimal behavioral concerns

You may have seen it on your walks to the local dog park, but many pet owners may seem more like the dog is walking them than the other way around! When you train your dog and build
its confidence in your judgment, walks become more enjoyable, and social interactions between your dog and other people and animals become more safe and fun.

At Obedience Please, not only do we strive to provide dog training that aids animals in learning commands, but we also guide owners on house training and other behavioral concerns. Our
goal is to ensure that you and your dog can have a deep companionship based on trust and respect that lasts for years to come. For more information about our daycare, kennel, or in-
home training courses, or for more information about boarding your dog at our South Pasadena cage-free kennel, contact us online or over the phone today at (616) 799-9615.