When you bring a new dog into your home, it is crucial to also engage in dog training in Glendale locally to make sure that your dog is the best family member he can be. Consistent training can not only benefit your new dog, it can extend to any other members of your pack to ensure they all get along and make the transition period shorter.

Common issues with rescue dogs is over-excitability leading to jumping, scratching and in some cases, getting mouthy which can look like biting but it is a product of too much sensory input in most cases. A dog that is in a state of extreme excitement cannot listen, and this can lead to running off, getting hurt or lost. The methods used by Obedience Please can work on any age dog through the use of our behavioral conditioning that has a foundation in trust and relationship-building with your dog.

Behavioral modification does not use treats. That creates a dog that is food-motivated and if you don’t happen to have a treat, your dog may or may not continue to perform commands. With our training methods, your dog learns positive behaviors, unlearns negative behaviors and most of all, learns to see you as an authority and person of trust. This creates a strong bond and a well-behaved family member you can count on to listen when you give a command.

Make your rescue dog the very best family member he can be through our in-home and facility dog training in Glendale. For more information about our pet services, or to get an estimate for your training or boarding needs, you can contact our team online or over the phone at (616) 799-9615.