Are you looking for Los Angeles in-home dog training from an experienced team with a long history of success? Look no further than the professionals at Obedience Please. Our methods are based on the principles of behavior modification to encourage genuine learning and consistent obedience to commands.

Our six-week program is tailored with you in mind and works for both puppies and adult dogs. Our trainer can come directly to your home to provide instruction for your dog. During each lesson, we teach the dog a new command, including the following:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Lie Down
  • Stay Down
  • Heel

We assist you with both on and off-leash training as well as provide guidance for owners on concerns such as house training, delivering commands, and behavioral concerns. Our goal is to foster strong, lasting relationships based on trust and respect between owner and pet.

Not only can our experts assist you, but we can help you learn the way your dog communicates with you as well as let you enjoy more quality time with your beloved pets. Effective training lets you spend less time on behavior correction and more time enjoying walks, play, and outings with your dog.

Ready for Los Angeles in-home dog training that can improve your relationship with your pet? Obedience Please Dog Training is more than happy to help you, as we have thousands of families and over 40,000 dogs over the past six decades. For more information about our training program, or to get a consultation for your needs, you can contact us by phone at (616) 799-9615.