When people come over, does it stress you out because of your dog’s barking or jumping on visitors? That is a negative behavior and although usually not aggressive, it is a behavioral trait that should not be happening. You can correct your dog in six weeks or less through Highland Park in home dog training from Obedience Please.

Our in-home professionals observe the current COVID-19 guidelines for safety for all. We work one-on-one to teach your dog to trust and look to their owner for guidance rather than making decisions on their own. Particularly for excitable or fearful dogs, these methods work to create more confidence in your dog.

There are many reasons dogs jump on visitors, most often it is a sign that the dog is trying to be dominant towards the person coming in. Sometimes it is merely, “Hey play with me right now!” Whatever the reason, unless you asked your dog to jump on people, it is unwanted behavior. Our professional trainers teach your dog through kind correction and behavioral modification, never treats or punishment. Most importantly, we teach you how to engage with your dog so you can communicate when you are pleased and not pleased in a way your dog understands. Our training program teaches the basics your dog needs to know to be a good family member such as Sit, Stay, Come, Lie Down, Stay Down, and Heel.

Stop unwanted jumping through Highland Park in home dog training and improve your relationship with your pet. Obedience Please is more than happy to help you, as we have thousands of families and over 40,000 dogs over the past six decades. For more information about our training program, or to get a consultation for your needs, you can contact us by phone at (616) 799-9615.