Are you looking for in-home dog training from one of the premier institutions in the industry? South Pasadena-based professionals at Obedience Please can provide owners with a wide variety of options for boarding and training dogs. Our goal is not only to teach commands for your dog to follow but also to instill positive habits that create stronger relationships between
owner and dog that last for years to come.

We offer two main options for your dog training needs, including the following:

Our famous 6-week home training program

This option entails our trainer coming to your home to teach your dog various commands, including Sit, Stay, Come, Lie Down, Stay Down, and Heel. We work with your dog so that they understand commands that apply both on- and off-leash. After we teach your dog a weekly lesson, we instruct owners on using proper techniques for commanding your dog so that they see you as both a companion and authority to look to for guidance. Our professionals also offer advice on house training and behavior correction.

Our 6-week daycare and kennel training programs.

During this time, your dog stays at our South Pasadena facilities to work directly with trainers. On-leash training and the commands described in the home training are included. Training is
daily from Monday through Friday. Daycare during the week lasts from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. We also offer a modified training program that lets us take them home to see you during the weekends
and then pick them back up on Mondays. During training and daycare, dogs are also taken on hikes and other activities to keep them active, engaged, and healthy.

During kennel training, your dog is boarded full-time and trained twice a day while also enjoying daycare from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. We also offer guidance on house training and problem correction
during this time. This comprehensive training regimen is most effective when followed up with three in-home lessons.

No matter your needs for daycare or in-home dog training in Southern California, Obedience Please wants to provide owners with effective training regimens that build thriving and lasting
relationships with your furry family members. For more information about our training program offerings, or to schedule your no-obligation consultation, contact our team today online or at
(616) 799-9615.