Most new dog owners these days are looking for some direction for training their pets, and there are many options to consider. Some people with experience and enough time will choose self-directed methods, which can work great if you know what you’re doing and have a lot of patience. However, if you’re new to dog ownership and/or don’t have the time and fortitude for dog obedience DIY, you’ll be seeking out a professional trainer in short order. In that case, we recommend in-home dog training in Brentwood.

Traditional dog obedience lessons take place in a group setting at the training school. This can be an attractive choice if cost-efficiency is your top priority and your dog doesn’t have any socialization or behavioral issues. There are a lot of downsides to group training, however. Firstly – the training itself tends to be inefficient due to the barrage of distractions, over-stimulation of your dog’s senses, the unfamiliar environment, and the lack of social experience that most puppies and rescue dogs have at this stage.

There are many benefits including:

  • schedule flexibility
  • increased focus and efficiency
  • undivided attention from your trainer so you can ask all your questions and get assistance with your unique situation
  • lack of travel time – wonderful for people with busy lifestyles and dogs who get anxious in vehicles

In order to give your dog a pleasant training experience with the best outcome, we invite you to give in-home dog training a try. Having a trainer that comes to your residence once a week is the most preferred way to teach new skills and manners in a controlled environment.

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