A Science-Backed Approach to In-Home Dog Training in Brentwood

Are you on the hunt for the best in Brentwood in-home dog training? Obedience Please is happy to help. We focus on applying tried-and-true scientific principles to teaching your dog essential commands so that they–and you–build a strong bond and mitigate behavioral concerns with your pet in constructive ways.

How do dogs learn commands?

Modifying behavior requires a deep understanding of how animals think and behave, and where these tendencies have evolved from. In the case of dogs, understanding their evolution from wild wolves into domestic companions plays an essential role in reaching these majestic animals in ways that speak to them.

In the wild, dogs learn in a variety of ways and rely primarily on hierarchical social groups to learn skills. Wolf packs, for example, are led by an alpha male and female. This structure both encourages cooperation and maintains harmony, as the crucial decisions are placed in the hands of the pack leaders.

How does this apply to you training your pup? Well, you’re their pack leader! You make the decisions, so they learn appropriate behaviors and learn what is expected from the group. If you lead in a way that speaks to how your dog has evolved to learn, they will gladly follow.

In-Home Dog Training in Brentwood

Obedience Please is proud to offer in-home dog training in Brentwood that focuses on rewarding your furry family members with love, not treats. For more information about our personalized in-home training program, contact us online or call (616) 799-9615 today.