If you’ve recently brought home a new puppy and you’re looking for help with house training, socialization, learning manners, and commands, look no further! Obedience Please is a local California-based kennel that can provide full-service professional training for your puppy.

What are the benefits of in-kennel puppy training?

Routine: your dog will be picked up and dropped back at home at the same times Monday to Friday, which is great for establishing a consistent routine – an important component of raising a confident, well-adjusted dog.

Training: our team of professionals will work with your puppy throughout the day, facilitating an intensive program that includes house training, on-leash and obedience training, as well as teaching commands such as sit, stays, comes, lies down, heel, and stops.

Socialization: your puppy will have opportunities to engage in daily social encounters with other dogs and puppies, which is an essential part of their development. Young dogs require interactions with other animals and humans in order to learn appropriate behaviors and manners. Without this integral component, many puppies eventually develop aggression issues, territorial behavior, separation anxiety, fearfulness of unfamiliar environments and random events, over-protective conduct regarding their food, toys, humans, and property, and they can be very difficult to travel with or even take to routine vet or groomer appointments. Regular social interactions with a variety of other people and dogs can greatly reduce or prevent these conditions.

At Obedience Please Dog Training we have several in-kennel puppy training packages available to accommodate many different budgets, lifestyles, and needs contact us for more informations. Our programs range from 4 to 6 weeks in length. You can choose a “daycare” structure that entails your puppy coming home for evenings and weekends, or we also have a 6-week full-time “live-in” package. The last option is our most comprehensive dog training program available.