Do you have a dog that is a bit unruly? Good-natured and wanting to please but can’t stop jumping on people or won’t stay off the couch? Obedience Please Dog Training has the answer. We offer a LA Canada in-home dog training program that turns your out-of-control pooch into a happy, obedient dog. And we do it all without treats.

6 Week In-Home Training

Your home is the perfect environment for training your furry friend. He is familiar with it, and issues specific to his needs can be addressed. One of our professional dog trainers comes to your home and works with you and your pup. They teach him how to listen to commands such as sit, heel, and lie down. They teach you how to be the “pack leader” that your dog wants and needs. Benefits include:

  • Training takes place where you and your dog are most comfortable
  • Obedience is built on trust and love, not treats
  • The dog learns several basic commands
  • Guidance is available on issues such as house training
  • Your unruly pooch becomes an obedient friend

If you are looking for a dog training centre near Westwood, Obedience Please Dog Training is the place to call. We also offer on-site training, kennel services, and more.