Dog ownership is a major commitment and responsibility with legal ramifications if you neglect,abandon, mistreat, or fail to socialize your pet properly. A lot of people don’t realize that it’s a misdemeanor in California if your dog is out of control in a public space.

That’s why early dog training is so critical.

In this post, we look at how dog boarding Brentwood facilities can help accelerate your pup’s socialization.

Dog Training in Brentwood

A well-socialized and happy puppy is a delight to be around. The average owner obtains their pup around the 8-week mark. This is the perfect age to begin socializing the dog. That 6-12 week age range is the foundation from which future dog behaviors will emerge.

Socialization in the home can take the shape of playing games with your puppy to acclimatize them to rough tumble and play; allowing them to get used to regular household noises like the vacuum cleaner; asking friends with fully vaccinated dogs to bring them over for a visit.

While all of this is excellent, what happens if you must work and don’t have the time to properly train and socialize your pup? This is where dog boarding facilities come in.

Dog Boarding in Brentwood

If you work longer than 8 hours each day and worry about leaving a pup that young alone in your home, we recommend enrolling them in a dog boarding or doggy daycare.

Entrusting your dog to professionals means they can supplement your training efforts at home and continue socializing your pup when you’re occupied.

What will your pup learn at daycare? They will learn about a collar and lead and will be taken on walks to get used to wearing it. Think of dog boarding as a complementary service to everything you’re teaching your dog at home.

Dog Boarding Services in Brentwood

If you’re keen to apply for a spot in our dog boarding academy or to obtain further information about the services we offer please contact us. Obedience Please Dog Training is the premier dog training and dog boarding agency in Brentwood.