Love your dog, but wish they would go for a walk without pulling on the leash and barking at everything? Tired of begging your dog to stop jumping on visitors?
In-kennel dog training is an effective way to address many of your pup’s behavioral issues. With in-kennel dog training, your pup receives their instruction at a designated training facility.

Options for In-Kennel Dog Training

Daycare training is an excellent option if you’re interested in sending your dog to daycare for exercise and socialization while you’re at work or school. During their daycare sessions, your dog will also receive a training lesson.
If you feel your dog will benefit from a one-on-one setting, private daycare training includes a one-hour training session for six weeks.
Or, if you prefer a more intensive program, consider the modified daycare training program. Your dog will stay at the kennel Monday through Friday and return home on weekends.
Full kennel training is an intensive 42-boarding program that provides your dog with six weeks of training. It’s a terrific way to address undesirable behaviors in a short period of time.
For a dog that needs a refresher course on their commands and behavioral expectations, reinforcement training focuses on the commands that they already know and is offered as an addition to boarding or daycare.


Training and caring for a dog is a time-intensive process. Dogs benefit from a consistent training regimen that continuously recognizes and rewards desired behaviors while ignoring undesirable behaviors.
If it feels like there aren’t enough hours in your day to work on your dog’s training or if you aren’t sure how to train your pooch, an in-kennel dog training program is an excellent alternative to reform your pet’s behaviors.
With an in-kennel training regimen, your dog will receive continuous reinforcement from a professional trainer who understands how to effectively encourage a dog to engage in desirable behaviors while avoiding undesirable behaviors.

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